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Psychologist at home for children

How many times have you wondered why children to be born not bring an instruction book under his arm? Am I doing it right? What would be right now?

All parents do their best, that's for sure, even if one believes that it is not done correctly, each with what you know and with his best Will. and yet there are times that guidelines by professionals, help create routines with little ones, to improve relationships with young people, or create styles communication that would facilitate the day.

from clinical Athena presented a pioneer service on the island, because we offer the opportunity to go home. From Home, a trained professional will be able to grasp the real needs there, which in a clinic or in a doctor's escape. You can see if there are routines created, if the roles of each member agree to the possibilities of each, rights and duties, communication, standards, tolerance and empathy, etc.

So, we intend to put the available to everyone, a specialized person to analyze the current situation, raise objectives to personal and common welfare, and provide guidance towards these.

who is it for?

it is a service that went to two sectors. children and youth

Within the child, headed parents, relatives or guardians who have at hand to children between 1 and 12 years, focusing our performance to the analysis and advice to create routines clear, set standards among family members and including smaller, styles communicative that promote compliance with those standards, procurement responsibilities to create autonomy in affordable tasks for each age management of the time "homework and study" where to draw the boundaries ... and anything that might be of each case, as each family is unique, and analyze and work from a multidisciplinary perspective to reach all needs.

Within the youth area, would be to cases of youth and adolescents, usually 12 to 18 years, where demand tends to be more directed at the behavioral; reeducation of styles aggressive communicative, renewal of maladaptive behaviors targeted towards the family or to another area of your life (school, friends ...), analysis of the effects that one's actions and establishing consequences arising directly from an action appropriate or wrong, and skills development favoring personal and social growth. self-awareness, empathy, tolerance, autonomy, self-control and decision-making

Why home and not in an office?

As mentioned earlier, in the house is where comes the reality of each situation. It is where children are themselves, where the relationship with the family is more standardized and less inhibited, and is the place where that act directly. And in the case of young people it is the same, since in the street or under the eye of experts may be one way but the role they have acquired at home, hardly they will hide power. < p> in addition, practicality gives us professionals to observe directly the problem, avoid subjective interpretations of the one who explains and confusions of the listener, since directly we experience situations that we want to work and improve.

How do we work

the first step is to know: a first interview at the clinic to raise the situation around you and the specific demand. From here, the professional will make a proposal, and under what days can go home to do homework direct observation and how many days are needed, according to age, the demand and needs of each case.

once the task of analyzing real needs and views the issue on which you want to work, the objectives will be raised to adults, specific guidelines will be given to each situation and, once agreed the order of action and made a commitment to work it, they are exposed to the smallest. coexistence rules, routines, rules, consequences ... They will be agreed and guidelines will also little ones to follow.

Professional set a time of self-employment relative, depending on the complexity of each case and the amount goals, and another session observation and monitoring will be set to assess the evolution of the issues raised.

from this point each case is individual and different, because it may terminate the service if all objectives have been completed, or new sessions will arise to agree on new standards of work and guidelines to follow.

If you think you can help by going home and accompanying you on the day, please contact us and discuss together the best way to do it.

Psychologist at home for children

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