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Atenea Mallorca - Psychology Clinic

At the Atenea psychology clinic, we are working since 2011 (history) to give you the best possible service in the area of psychology. Our team at The Atenea Psychology Clinic are experienced psychologists and psychiatrist providing comprehensive psychological care in a wide variety of services. Below you can find the most demanded services in our clinic, but you can find them all on our services page.

Welcome to Atenea Mallorca, psychology clinic

Your well-being, health and satisfaction is our vocation.

From a very young age psychology has been my passion. Helping people, couples or families, within the scope of our science is what makes me happy. That passion that drives us, makes us improve ourselves day by day and remain in continuous training and research with the sole objective of treating the patients who come to us in the most effective and lasting way possible.

Judith Rodríguez
Director of Atenea Mallorca, Psychology Clinic

Why go to a psychologist in Mallorca?

Psicóloga en Palma de Mallorca
Sometimes in our daily life complicated situations appear and although in most cases we can face them alone, there are situations that overwhelm us and prevent us from moving forward with a happy and normal life. When, no matter how hard we try, we do not see the solution and our character and habits begin to change, that is when we really should consider going to psychological therapy. There are many reasons to go to a psychologist in Mallorca and the main reasons that we have compiled throughout these years of experience are:
  • When someone very close has passed away and we are not able to say goodbye and accept their departure. Our life seems to come to a standstill and there are times when we need a push through psychological therapy to move on.
  • When we face a major change in our lives such as motherhood, change of residence or change of job, they can generate a lot of stress or anxiety.
  • We are not able to control emotions: when negative or distressing emotions repeatedly happen to us that we do not know how to handle and that accumulate.
  • When we must overcome a fear. The human being has many phobias and it is natural. But when fears radically interfere with our daily lives and prevent us from doing things, we must go to psychologists.
  • Feeling of loneliness. Although we are surrounded by people, sometimes we feel alone and if this feeling worsens it can affect our day to day.
  • When we have relationship problems. A psychologist in Palma de Mallorca through therapy can help you explore better ways of communicating with your partner, as well as the necessary tools to solve future problems.
  • To sleep better. Sleep is very important in people´s lives and when something alters our sleep patterns, it can unbalance our work, partner and friends.
  • Learn to take control and, above all, to understand that we are not in control. There are times when we have the unpleasant feeling that we have lost control of our life and thanks to therapy we will learn that we should not always be in control and learn that there are times for everything and we must accept stress and anxiety.

Do you have questions about going to therapy in Palma de Mallorca?

It is common to have doubts when choosing a professional psychologist, we help you with some frequently asked questions

When should I attend psychological treatment?

Mainly when I suffer in my day to day for no apparent reason, when our personal performance drops, if I am more sad than happy for a longer time, if I suffer from fears or blockages that limit me in my life, if I am not satisfied with my academic and social achievements. or sentimental, if I am under a lot of stress and cannot control it, if I am more worried than usual about normal things, when you notice that your life is missing something and you search in a frustrating way without finding it. For these and many other reasons, you should go to psychological therapy in Palma de Mallorca. Psychologists will attend you in consultation, diagnose the problem and together with you they will provide you with the necessary tools to improve your problems of depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, disorders that can affect your health, etc.

How many psychotherapy sessions are necessary to heal us?

For psychologists in Palma de Mallorca it is impossible to specify a minimum and a maximum of necessary tapes since each person is different and can react differently to the therapeutic process of depression, anxiety, stress, disorders, relationship problems, etc. Therefore, the number of therapy sessions that each one needs will depend on the type of psychological problem that is present and how deep it is, on the characteristics of the nature of the personality, on the capacity and speed of learning, on the attitude / desire to get ahead and many other variables that the psychologist / psychologist will comment on in the consultation.

Are psychological treatments really effective?

In general, yes, but there may be exceptions depending on the severity of the case and the attitude of the patient in consultation. In most cases in Palma de Mallorca, psychological treatments are very effective, they eliminate the disease or the psychological problem presented (anxiety, stress, depression, disorders, relationship problems, phobias, addictions, etc.), eliminate or significantly reduce suffering. derived from psychological problems and the quality of life is greatly increased in a relatively short period of time. However, there are cases where the person´s problem has become so normalized or merged that psychologists require more long-term treatments. Going to a psychology professional is betting on a better quality of life and better health

How often should I go to the psychologist in Palma de Mallorca?

In psychology, no mathematical rules are the same for everyone. There are people who need weekly consultation care to reduce their level of stress or anxiety and there are people who come every two weeks is enough to solve their relationship problems. It will also depend on the phase in which the psychological therapy is (beginning or end) and the problem in question. Treating severe depression is not the same as treating mild sleep problems. In the first consultation with the psychologist / psychologist, they will inform you of the seriousness of your problems and will plan with you the best treatment for your mental health. That although a priori it sounds serious, remember that all the patients who come to the Athena clinic have been cured and today they lead a normal and pleasant life.

Is there a difference between being sad and having depression?

Yes, and a lot. As you already know, sadness is an emotion, and like all emotions, they are present in us in a natural way since they have an adaptive function in our lives. Therefore, it is normal to feel sad about many normal everyday situations, such as fighting with a friend, missing a promotion opportunity at work, losing a loved one, or a divorce. We must know that sadness gives us a natural time to adapt to this new situation. But when sadness is very intense, lasts for a long time and begins to affect our daily lives, it would be advisable to go to a psychologist in Palma de Mallorca to assess whether this emotion begins to turn into a depression-like disorder. And remember that when faced with a disorder such as depression, do not panic. There are effective treatments to reduce and defeat it. For this it is important not to delay the consultation with psychologists. Because the more time passes, the more difficult it is to let go of the depression disorder.

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