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Bipolar disorder

What & nbsp; is & nbsp; the & nbsp; disorder & nbsp;? Bipolar

A person with bipolar disorder experiences periodic changes in mood, alternating between episodes of depression (feeling sad and hopeless) and mania (being very happy, active, energetic or irritable).

we can all have ups and downs, but a person with bipolar disorder, these changes in mood are much more severe, extreme and affect school performance or employment, personal relationships and disrupt daily life. & nbsp;

What symptoms has a bipolar person

As mentioned, in bipolar disorder alternates between periods . of depression (sadness) and mania (euphoria)

During periods of depression may be experienced:

  • sad mood and listless most of the day and almost each day.
  • Loss of interest or the ability to enjoy most activities.
  • im gain or loss Carrier of appetite and weight.
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much nearly every day.
  • Be more agitated or slowed normal.
  • Fatigue or loss energy almost every day.
  • Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt.
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions.
  • ideas death and / or suicide attempts .

    However, in periods of mania feels:

    • An elevated mood and high energy
    • Increase. self-esteem.
    • Decreased need for sleep (feeling rested with less sleep).
    • More talkative than usual.
    • feeling thoughts van at high speed.
    • easily Distracted.
    • more agitated or more eager to do some specific activity.
    • desire to participate in activities that could have an impact painful as shopping unbridled way sprees, sexual risk behaviors, imprudent investment money, dangerous behaviors while driving ...).

      What is the treatment for bipolar disorder?

      Treatment focuses on identifying the factors that eventually trigger abrupt changes of mood (family conflicts and stressful daily life) to prevent and able to get along with appropriate medication, a certain balance and emotional stability, as far as possible.

      If you feel identified with these symptoms and want more information respect can contact us so that you clarify the doubts you may have

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Bipolar disorder

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