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What is insomnia and hypersomnia?


It is difficulty initiating and / or maintaining sleep or when an awakening occurs early in the morning and you can go back to sleep. These problems can occur several times a week and lasts several months.


is to experience excessive sleepiness despite having slept 7 hours or more. You can have a restless sleep and feel we fall sleep several times in one day, or sleeping more than nine hours a day and not feel rested and have difficulty being after awake for a rude awakening.

One of the main reasons we can not rest well is the physical activation (exercise before going to bed) and thoughts and concerns that crowd our head when sleeping.

what is the ? treatment for disorders of sleep

to re-establish the right conditions so that the dream follows is triggered:

  • Get the right conditions: set healthy sleep habits: do not exercise right before going to bed, do not go to bed hungry, thirsty or gain to urinate, do not take stimulants before bed (coffee, tea, nicotine ...)
  • Maintain enabling environment for sleep: pleasant temperature without strong light, comfortable mattress and clothes
  • Get a physical and psychological deactivation. through relaxation techniques and work of the thoughts and worries that keep us awake (eg with mindfulness techniques)

    Once achieved all this, the last step would be to get these steps occur automatically, without planning it or think about it. For this, adjustment of sleep at a particular time, do not nap during the day, keep regular bedtimes and getting up, always carry the same bedtime routine like brushing your teeth, set the alarm, turn off the lights .. ..

    If you take time unable to rest properly, without actually having a restful sleep and feeling tired throughout the day, there is no reason to prolong this situation. You can contact us to explain what you can do for yourself to help you sleep.


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