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Psychosomatic disorders

What are psychosomatic disorders

Patients suffering from Psychosomatic disorder have certain symptoms that are not related to any organic cause that justifies the discomfort or pain presented .

Features of the somatizer patient

Patients somatizers are characterized by:

  • Provide an operational and pragmatic thinking
  • Have difficulty dream and imagine
  • Thinking lacks.. of subjective correlates .
  • Are patients who have some resistance to medical and psychotherapy treatments
  • These are people who score high in alexithymia (difficulty identifying and describing emotions, feelings. . affections)
  • The patient has organized lesion or dysfunction that is detected easily by employing scanning techniques and diagnostic.
  • The main difficulty with these patients is the difficulty in outsourcing emotional conflicts due to through verbal language. .
  • They have poor emotional relationships
  • Often are patients who are detached from reality (denial, manipulation, distortion ...)

Grosso mode could consider such patients as patients presenting organic and chronic distortions that are explained in the presence and evolution of neurotic basis.

Specific features of psychosomatic disorders in childhood

It is important to note that some of the psychosomatic disorders appear only at certain times of development and are linked to the manifestation of conflict in certain stages of growth

The symptoms must be studied depending on the evolutionary time that has developed, as well as staff time this through the family. .

The paper exerted by the mother about her son in the months of pregnancy and the first months of life of the child is essential.

Between mother and child a special link is established, the intended mother most their time and effort to care for the newborn.

The baby is part of the mother during pregnancy and can hear and feel everything your mother does and run, they are closely linked despite being entities separate and distinct.

At the time of birth, mother must give space and autonomy gradually to this new being. Failure to do this and feel obliged to ensure the night and day comes to cause the toppling mother and download your anxiety about your child's body. The small somatizes at this moment the feelings you get as a defense mechanism.

It has great importance how the mother communicates with her son, being helpful to know if I was a wanted pregnancy, as he passed pregnancy and childbirth, as was the relationship and how it develops right now ...

How we work

Before starting the therapeutic approach is very important to know the medical history of the patient in order to rule out any organic or physical cause.

To identify factors that trigger the psychosomatic disorder will be the second point on which to work. The objective and provide strategies and guidelines to the patient, so you can confront and / or overcome the situation.

In the case of psychosomatic disorders in children should be ruled out, the baby can present this symptomatology of any organic or physical cause. Sometimes you need to get to make systemic therapies or family in order to attack the psychosomatic disorder that is present in the patient.

Psychosomatic disorders

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