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Personality disorders


What are personality disorders Personality disorders form a pattern of behavior, & nbsp; thoughts and emotions that begins during adolescence and lasts over time, creating difficulties in everyday life in various fields, academic, labor, social ... This pattern tends to be inflexible, rigid and difficult to modify.

Types of personality disorders - paranoid personality: distrustful and suspicious of others. They believe that people's intentions are evil
- .. Schizoid Personality: feel detached in social relations and do not express much variety of emotions
- schizotypal personality. feel discomfort sharp, little capacity in close relationships and eccentric behavior have
- antisocial personality are characterized by inattention and violation of the rights of others
- borderline Personality: living relations interpersonal, self-image and emotions so unstable and are impulsive
- . histrionic personality: people who express their emotions excessively and constantly seek attention .
- narcissistic personality: sense of grandeur, need for admiration and lack of empathy - avoidant personality. They are people inhibited socially with feelings of inadequacy, and hypersensitivity to negative evaluation
- dependent personality. have an excessive need to be cared for, making them behave submissively by fear of separation
- href="http:///servicio/trastorno-obsesivo-compulsivo-toc" obsessive-compulsive Personality: are people concerned about the orderliness, perfectionism and mind control.

How can we work with personality disorders? the best treatment depends on the type of personality disorder, its severity and the situation of life of the person who has it. Therapeutic intervention is to learn to know how we feel, think and behave and why. Thus, the goal is to cope with stress and to control the symptoms of the disorder healthily, to avoid interfering in our lives and our relationships with others.
If you identify with these patterns of behavior and have come to suppose you a problem, please contact us so that informed you of how we can help.

Personality disorders

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