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psychopedagogical reeducation

The psychopedagogical reeducation is a personalized intervention to students or kindergarten, primary school, which aims to work-related difficulties learning of an academic nature.

To do this, we not only focus on the tasks of everyday life, but also intervenes on planning and organization (agenda, schedules, notes ...), study skills (reading, keywords, abstract, patterns ...), recovery of learning not acquired correctly (reading, writing, calculation ...), exam preparation, etc. And all that relates to the environment, motivation and self-esteem: leverage strengths to achieve more favorable goals, create a proper studio space, etc.

How do

the psychopedagogical reeducation is based on stimulation, to exploit the strengths of the boys for better development, and work the weakest points so that they can take full advantage.

therefore, we work different cognitive abilities. memory, perception, attention, time planning, visuospatial orientation, abstract reasoning, verbal and nonverbal language and cognitive flexibility

Then what difference psychopedagogical reeducation school booster?

the review focuses on acquiring expertise, materials and content school, doing homework and preparing for exams.

However, through reeducation, we take these same tasks but let much Smarter s there, focusing on creating a good metacognitive basis: the boys have the ability to self-regulate learning processes. Ie here the goal is learning, not only academic, but how managed and achieve autonomy. That after working the time you need the hand of a professional, finished knowing, know how to get the best out of yourself, be strategic to do so and use those tools to reach success.

who should

the psychopedagogical reeducation, in its beginnings, was directed technique especially for users with specific disorders of learning, neurodevelopment and behavior (ADHD, TEL, NLD, TEA, ODD, TC, dyslexia, dyscalculia ...) and learning difficulties caused by emotional problems or acquired brain damage. Still, we believe it is not necessary to have a disorder to benefit from all the cognitive, behavioral and emotional development that generates an intervention like this. Any user with more or less difficulty, with or without disorder can be a good subject to work on yourself and improve

On the other hand, psychopedagogical reeducation has benefits for young and old. As soon as possible a good basis for social and emotional learning is created, better results are observed in boys; but it is never too late to improve. For this individualized work, we will focus on school, primary and secondary school.

psychopedagogical reeducation

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