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Adjusting to life crises

What are the vital crisis?

During life can give a lot of changes and situations suddenly and unexpectedly that can cause a life crisis in the person, who forces her to have to change or change your life unexpectedly, in many cases, unprepared and without get time to take it. This can cause him discomfort and a sense of loss of control of your life, so you can feel lost and unable to cope with new developments. Emotions that appear can affect their thinking and acting, which sometimes may not be the most adaptive. If this is maintained for a long time, the person may suffer such wear other problems that contribute to cause more discomfort (problems at work or studies, social isolation, family problems, ...) may appear.

These crises can occur at any age, the most outstanding for the period in which they are in adolescence (period of many physical and mental changes), adulthood, "the famous crisis of the 40" (period of change at the household level , employment, personal and social) and seniors (period of many changes at the physical, mental and social, especially loss or decrease capacity).

we also find crisis are given by situations most unexpected, for experiences in life we live, as separations, deaths, changes of home or work, parenthood, retirement, ...

What symptoms can be found at such vital crisis?
  • Feelings of helplessness and frustration.
  • Sadness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Ira.
  • Stress.
  • Physical symptoms of fatigue, headaches, tummy aches, insomnia, incontinence, ...
  • Poor performance.
  • family problems, couples and / or social.

    what is the treatment to such vital crisis?

    Dealing with all these changes is a process that can be difficult and often will involve finding a different way to live.

    For many people, during crises such as those described, they may use their own resources will have been enough so far, and it can also happen that before a new crisis such resources will not be useful. In treatment, it is working to find new resources in the person who will help you deal with these crises, modifying those who have or seek new help you handle and manage in a more adaptive emotions and thoughts to act accordingly working to restore and find a new way to live (and live together in case of situations unsolvable and losses) with the situation and look ahead.

    If you feel identified with these symptoms and think you're going by a life crisis in which you need help or know someone who may be feeling well, do not hesitate to contact the professional team of Athena Clinical Psychology so we can help.

Adjusting to life crises

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