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Erectile dysfunction

1. Erectile Dysfunction: the man can not keep an erection

We found various types:

- Primary:. Is present in the man who suffers throughout his whole life

- Secondary: appear after a normal sexual activity

- Total:. does not have any erection

- Partial:. may appear so . intermittently or selective

Risk Factors:

prostate problems

diabetes type 2

hypogonadism associated with several endocrinological

hypertension (high blood pressure)

vascular disease and vascular surgery

high levels of blood cholesterol < p> low levels of high density lipoproteins.


neurogenic diseases.

Peyronie's disease (distortion or curvature of penis) .

priapism (inflammation of the penis).


the consumption of alcohol.

the lack of sex education.

Technical deficient sex.

Interpersonal relationships inadequate.

Many chronic diseases, especially renal failure and dialysis.

Smoking, accentuating the effects of other risk factors, such as vascular disease or hypertension.

age appears to be an important factor indirect risk because it is associated with the likelihood of increased direct risk factors, some of which they were mentioned above.

Erectile dysfunction

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