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What it is anxiety disorder disease?

It consists of an excessive preoccupation with suffering or serious illness. The person who suffers, is alarmed easily SoBe your health and constantly check your body for signs of illness or, conversely, avoid going to the doctor for fear of bad news about your health.

what is the appropriate treatment for anxiety disorder

it is important that avoid person go to health centers, emergency department, or talk of health or disease & nbsp;?.

the treatment is to lose the fear of being sick and death. Fear of the disease produces physical sensations that can be interpreted as confirmation of being sick. Therefore, it should also be exposed to the sensations bodily feared to lose them also fear and not interpret them as symptoms of a disease.

The diseases most commonly fear these patients are cancer, AIDS and diseases of the heart. & nbsp;

If you think the fear of getting sick you feel is probably overkill and you are creating problems in your daily life and your environment, not hesitate and contact us so we can help.


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