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Judith Rodriguez Lorca - Psychologist and Sexologist in Mallorca

Judith Rodriguez Lorca - Psychologist and Sexologist in Mallorca

Judith Rodríguez

Psychologist | Director

Hello! I am Judith Rodriguez, founder of clinical psychology Athena.

I am a native of the island of Mallorca wonderful, which fortunately I still reside.
Since childhood had a special gift for interpreting behaviors, guide others on their way, help in decision-making, accompany the duel, redirect situations, resolve conflicts ...
How could it be otherwise, I studied Psychology at the Universitat de les Illes Balears, and I trained in various specialties at different universities and Spain.
I started my career in the hands of several professionals of Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine and Neurology. In 2011 I opened my office alone, under the name "Psicóloga Sexologist Mallorca".
After 7 years of incredible challenges, wonderful experiences, difficult moments, improvement and training, it was time to found the Athena Clinic, aiming to offer a wide range resources and quality to all patients who have trusted and trust me.

Come and visit us! Thank you very much for trusting us.


Professional experience:



If there is a quote that I remember most often my patients this is definitely the next. It never lost, or lose its value.

"Carpe diem, quam minimum credulous postero"
"Enjoy the day, do not wait tomorrow."

Live every minute, every moment hugs, kisses whenever you can and do not forget to say I love you.

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