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Sexual assault

An impulse is the human capacity to perform a certain behavior by the simple expression of realizing it. Many of the impulses that are made are uncontrolled and are carried out by the simple desire to perform an action.

The drive is one of the most harmful instincts humans, is caused by the fluctuation of body tension and excitement that comes out of control and is never completely satisfied. Freud was one of the first to speak of this term, referring to the sexual instinct as not satisfied, noting that this is the main difference between impulse and instinct. Freud points to turn the existence of duality within the drives, the drives of life and death instincts. The living are those that refer to the establishment of the libidinal ties (sexual drives and self-preservation), the death instincts are opposite to those of life, which aim to reduce such full body tensions those. < p>

Laplanche defines it as "dynamic process consisting of a drive that does tend to orgasm to an end".

the goal of the drive is to end this body tension, directing force against the object of desire, but this tension does not disappear completely, the subject is not completely relaxed and satisfied.

If only we observe aggression through the manifestations of the single drive, we realize the real part (the expression of desires), but it is very important to observe the expression of aggression from the imaginary point of view.

Jacques Lacan in 1936, mention the stage of the mirror (based on expe Henri Wallon riments of "mirror test" where he compared the responses of a chimpanzee and a human face reflected in a mirror. Responses from an animal against his own reflection in the mirror are curious about the presence of another animal like them, human being, yet it remains a prisoner of joy. It is important to note that babies are not aware of themselves, and before his image is bewildered and happy, they smile and perceive as another human (his own reflection that does not give) them smile, engage in this way a relationship of joy . As humans relate to their environment and learn from it, neuronal processes become firmer and broader, thereby creating greater shape and complex neural connections that allow activities previously was not ready to run.

so, what Lacan calls "Stage of the mirror" is a simile, tending to the baby in mind that what is valid is the image that his mother gives him the it is actually a stage of primary narcissism, it is the desire (instinct) that the subject performs on itself (on the image that identifies your mother about). Lacan believes that aggressiveness appears ambivalent love-hate, desire and need at the same time. Whereas the self-image is desired, aggression is also latent ago when we are before the presence of the such (meaning the image of the such as the image that others have of ourselves).

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He shaped the relationship to maintain the false appearance of consistency and completeness to others. It can be concluded that Lacan postulates that aggression is the result of the dichotomous conjunction between the real and the imaginary, without the symbolic comes into play. Aggressive tendencies of people are revealed in certain personality traits, without forgetting that the education received by parents and society in which develops play a major role in the explosion of the aggressive tendencies of the subject.

In today's society penalties or punishments for committing a crime are not satiating, ie, subjects commit the criminal act and the punishment they receive is not a moral punishment as such does not have the consequence of preventing the criminal act arises again. This fact is due mainly to the social circumstances of today releases the aggressiveness of the subjects reversed in society, is a loop, society creates aggressiveness and get aggressive therefore established social norms are not enough to make the subject feel pity or remorse for the criminal act, because, the society itself creates anger.

Sexual assault

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