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bullying | bULLYING

What is Bullying or harassing school?

The Bullying or harassing school can be defined as violence in the school environment, physical and / or mental health of an individual or group of individuals, repeatedly and over time against a subject who is unable to defend himself in that situation

Features of negative actions (Cerezo, 1997: 134). < / b>

physical: physically attack others, steal or damage your belongings

Verbal:. put engines, insulting, answering challenging and threatening tone

Indirect: pejorative spreading rumors, social exclusion

aspects that must be met to be considered bullying (Olweus, 1998: 26);

that it is conduct whose purpose is to damage, not sporadically but repeatedly and consistently over time.

that there is an imbalance between the parties involved in the relationship, being a stronger physically and / or psychologically than elsewhere.

Aggression can be physical, psychological or verbal

features characteristic of the Bullying (Olweus, 1979.; Cowie et al, 2002, Sharp and Smith, 1994, etc);

These authors reveal a number of characteristic features of Bullying:

intent to injure, intimidate and dominate

It may present physical, verbal or psychological

There are very distinct roles and marked.. victim and perpetrator / en

Phenomenon dual or group.

The victim lives so aversive.

How do we work? < / h3>

Before starting the therapeutic approach is very important to know the endogenous and exogenous elements that promote the presence of such violent behavior.

Identify the factors in the school environment that they can promote the presence of violent behavior, interpersonal relations student, relationships with teachers ...

from Clinic Athena, work to strengthen self-esteem, communication skills, the correct expression emotions .... the main objective is to provide e trategies and guidelines to the patient, so you can confront and / or overcome the situation.

bullying | bULLYING

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