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Sexual dysfunctions

The presence of some diseases, physical deformities and consumption of certain substances and drugs can cause sexual dysfunction. When we are in the presence of sexual dysfunction is important to know the medical history of the patient.

Some of sexual dysfunction due to certain disorders clinicians are difficult to distinguish from purely psychological problems.

An example of the above mentioned are drugs for treating hypertension, antidepressants and / or anxiolytics, which causes blockage of libido, arousal or erection.

some example of the relationship between certain diseases and physical problems with blocking sexual response are:

  • systemic diseases. they produce general weakness, pain and depression
  • Diseases of the liver are linked to an inability of the liver to combine estrogen
  • endocrine diseases: multiple mechanisms of depression central nervous system, general weakness, low levels of androgens, depression ...
  • genital Diseases local: organ injury genit ales and pain during intercourse
  • irritation during sexual response:.. Local irritability and genital injury that interferes with the reflex mechanism
  • diseases or malformations that mechanically affects the intrusion : a negative psychological association, lowered libido, loss of sexual desire ... occurs
  • diseases or malformations that affect the functioning of the testis: decrease in the level of androgens, loss of sexual desire, depression, anxiety ....
  • diseases or malformations related to the uterus, vagina, breasts: I decline in estrogen production, decreased libido, loss of sex drive, depression, anxiety ....

    surgical conditions: cause loss of libido, impotence, delayed ejaculation, depression, anxiety ...

    It is difficult to gauge the effects, with accuracy and reliability of consumption substances and drugs; but we can say that:

    • Alteran chemically nerves that regulate sexual response
    • Decrease sexual response and libido

      Some produce an increase in libido and sexual function by stimulating the sex centers of the central nervous system and muscle contractions that increase erotic sensations

      psychotropic substances affect sexuality indirectly because they increase the mood.

      phenothiazines the produce dry ejaculation, paralysis of the internal bladder sphincter.

      the anxiolytic drugs (Librium, Valium) depress the limbic system and affect the synapse spinal cord, causing muscle relaxation and indirectly affecting

      age is a factor to consider in sexual relations generally.

      • Between ages 40-50, decreased sexual desire occurs, orgasm recedes into the background and taken into cuen ta the most sentimental and not as sex.
      • Between the ages of 50-60 years, more intense stimulation to sexual intercourse needs. The refractory period increases.
      • From age 60, the force of ejaculation happens to be 15 cm away to be just a few drops and very close to the penis.

        the arrival of the male climacteric:

        When it comes to menopause is referred to an abrupt change related to reproductive physiology so there is nothing in reference to this in man to think that there are male climacteric

        the level of low androgens with age so abruptly as does the production of female ova

        it is not known very well that the role androgens but when replacement therapy with testosterone is made a relief, increased their energy, optimism and increases sexual desire

        Menopause Women experienced:

        female changes are more intense and varied than in the male climacteric.

        women have a slower sexual arousal than men in all aspects.

        Among women 30-40 peaks of sexual excitability.

        The libido and desire tend to disappear during this stage. < p>

Sexual dysfunctions

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