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Aggressiveness in children and adolescents

What are the aggressive behavior?

Aggressive behavior violent behavior refer to those that generate harm to oneself, to the environment or others.

Factors risk

in order to establish the causes of aggression must pay attention to certain risk factors:

  • social factors: social structures in certain contexts are favored where it is more conducive an environment of aggression, delinquency and antisocial attitudes
  • the social aspects that act as drivers of aggression are:. the media, social and educational structure, the characteristics of ecosystems where children reside, socioeconomic status, social stress caused by unemployment and social isolation (Melendo, 1997)
  • Media. act as a conduit of information
  • Family: personal development of the individual feeds of the first affection s and links maternal / paternal. It is important to identify family risk factors (family unstructured, ill-treatment, parenting methods, family patterns ...)
  • Interpersonal relationships: friends, misunderstandings ... create a favorable or unfavorable climate . of living
  • personal characteristics of the individual: lack of motivació, school failure, low self esteem, lack of communication, relationship problems, problems at work, difficulty expressing emotions

    How do we work?

    Before starting the therapeutic approach is very important to know the medical and family history and social development of the patient to identify which risk factors act on the causes of aggression.

    from Clinic Athena, work to strengthen self-esteem, communication skills, the correct expression of emotions .... the main objective it is to provide strategies and guidelines to the patient, so you can confront and / os uperar the situation.

    Working tolerance, empathy, increase dialogue, the correct expression of emotions ... are some of the strategies that follow from Athena Clinic to address violence and face it.

Aggressiveness in children and adolescents

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