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Anxiety is a symptom that can often occur, occasionally, intermittently or in a sustained manner over time. This may result in many problems and can also be a symptom of more complex disorder, in which in some is the main symptom and other is secondary.

Here are some:

Generalised Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

What is generalized anxiety disorder?

When we speak of generalized anxiety, it is the presence of anxiety and excessive worry about various issues of daily life that remains for months and creates difficulties with the tasks of everyday life (distractions, bustling, ...).
Some issues common possible concerns are that we have the most people, about problems of their own health or others, family and friends, studies and / or work, economy and everyday life (housework, have good appearance, be punctual, ... ).
All these concerns can be for current problems or because they may occur in the future. People suffering from generalized anxiety, worry about things that are even highly unlikely to happen or if they occur, are less drastic than they think. These concerns remain over time and cause excessive discomfort to the person.

What symptoms who have suffered generalized anxiety?

The concern that is experienced is difficult to control and generates:

  • Restlessness or feeling of being trapped or nerves
  • feeling fatigued easily. .
  • Difficulty concentrating or mind going blank.
  • Irritability.
  • muscle tension.
  • sleep problems.

what is the treatment for generalized anxiety?

The treatment is based on working the thoughts and worries that keep the person lead a life quiet and symptoms that generate this anxiety, learn to disconnect, to distinguish what is really important what you do not learn to handle situations to be faced and management of emotions, in order to improve the quality of life of the person.
If you s sTaTEs identified with these symptoms and want to learn to control those thoughts continuous negative and constant worry, or know someone who may be feeling well, do not hesitate to contact the professional team of Athena - Clinical Psychology so we can help .

Separation Anxiety

What is separation anxiety?

it consists of a fear or excessive anxiety and inappropriate a possible or actual separation of people with whom you are highly connected.

What symptoms suffers who have separation anxiety?

  • Fear excessive and repeated before a present or future separation of people of greater attachment, with which more united is.
  • excessive and persistent concern about the possibility of losing those people greater attachment, either because they leave or because they may suffer damage or death.
  • excessive concern and persistent by the possi ty that any negative circumstances (such as an accident, illness, ..) causes the separation of those people greater attachment. or
  • Resistance persistent refusal to leave, being away from home and at school work, to be alone or without those people attachment for fear of separation.
  • Nightmares repeated on the possible separation or separation if it has been given.
  • physical symptoms like headache, stomach ache, vomiting, ... repeated when expected or separation of these people greater attachment occurs.

What is the treatment for anxiety separation?

In the treatment pursued learn to control this anxiety by learning different techniques and enhancing resource person, changing negative thoughts and doomsayers and exposure to these situations of actual separation, always with the help of the psychologist.

If you feel identified with these symptoms and what ieres learn to control this anxiety and constant worry, or know someone who may be feeling well, do not hesitate to contact the professional team of Athena -. Clinical Psychology so we can help

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