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What is enuresis & nbsp;

Usually we understand the enuresis as involuntary urination or uncontrolled if this occurs beyond the age when bladder control develops, it usually is between 4 and 6 years.

There is talk of primary enuresis when the child has not yet acquired control of the sphincter and secondary when if you have developed such control but there has been a regression. The latter is the most queries received

Many studies consider this disorder as a way to release aggression and anger, and / or erotic pleasure & nbsp;..

the theory most widely spread is that this syndrome is an opposition or confrontation towards parents, conflicts between parents towards them, or the arrival of a sibling.

How do we work enuresis or encopresis & nbsp; < br>

the therapeutic approach was first performed in families. It is important to know where they are informed of the importance of schedules and rules to avoid such syndromes.

In secondary encopresis are faced with children who had learning control and sphincter very early. This point is very important to address the mother-child relationship and closer to the father, in this case this separate emotional level. & Nbsp;


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