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forensic psychology has a late birth because studies on the clinical, educational and industrial sectors were more interesting.

In Spain can be considered until the 70s not an establishment produces the expert psychologist as an expert witness.

In order to define the term "Forensic Psychology" should remember that spans two great sciences, psychology and law. Understanding roughly psychology as a science that studies human behavior and the law of science that studies the rules to which man is subjected. Mindful of such terms and definitions that on Forensic Psychology, provided by different authors (Weiner and Hess -1987- -1990- Urra Garzon and Vazquez -1993 -1994 Dorsch) formulate a global definition:

"the Forensic Psychology can be defined as the science that is responsible for the collection, analysis and presentation of evidence and psychological assessments for judicial purposes"

the Forensic Psychology neglects administrative, civil, political or prosecutors, for:.

  • Establish guidelines for assessing human behavior within the judiciary
  • Provide advice and guidance to potential treatments to best suit each particular case
  • Improve the administrative system of justice

    Muñoz (1975)..; identifies three different approaches of psychology within the legal field:

    1. Psychology Law
    2. Psychology in law
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    3. Psychology for law

      Depending on the type of legal organization that address you can find these different types of Forensic Psychology:
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    4. Forensic Psychophysiology: psychophysiological responses made by the subject when providing testimony are evaluated. It can also be used for forensic evaluation
    5. Psychology Criminológica. includes several fields of action (Forensic Psychology, from the testimony of common crime, the security forces ...) Its aim is to study criminal behavior of the human component
    6. Judicial Psychology. this term is used to name the Forensic Psychology
    7. Judicial Psychology of the child and family. this linked to social services and community psychology. It deals with reintegration into the social sphere
    8. Legal Psychology. is used to name the Forensic Psychology
    9. Psychology Prison. refers to tasks performed by the psychologist within the prison environment
    10. Police Psychology. training, selection, organization, bureaucracy security forces of the state
    11. preventive Psychology of the. crime: some of the functions of the forensic psychologist is to prevent the occurrence of crime and problems with justice
    12. Victimology. forensic psychologist can take care to victims through various functions.
Expert reports

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