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Low self-esteem

What is self-esteem low?

Self-esteem is the ability we have to value ourselves and that we built over the years, based on our experiences, both positive and negative.

self-esteem has to do with:

  • As I like to be
  • As I think I'm
  • As think the others see me.

    throughout our lives, we all realize valuations of everything that happens to us, and as demanding we are with ourselves, we tend not to appreciate the successes we get and focus on failures, which can lead to low self-esteem develop. Esteem also affects the assessment made ourselves others, especially the most important people in our lives. If you perceive that these only people point out our shortcomings and do not accept us and appreciate our strengths and successes, our self-esteem may decrease.

    Other factors that can affect and lead to develop a low self-esteem are high expectations of oneself that lack of affection from parents, other family members and significant others, overprotective parents and have been victims of physical abuse and / or emotional. can not get

    What symptoms can be found in a person with low self-esteem?
    • Feeling inferior to others.
    • Personal insecurity.
    • No respect for oneself.
    • Feeling sadness.
    • feelings of guilt.
    • physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and fatigue.
    • Difficulty expressing one's feelings for fear of rejection. < / li>
    • tendency to minimize and maximize achievements and failures.
    • Fear excessive criticism and high autocrít ica and autoexigencia.
    • Unit of others.
    • The assessment itself dependent on others.
    • excessive comparison with others.

      What is the treatment for improving self-esteem?

      Working for adequate and healthy self-esteem is possible with psychological help. In the treatment working to learn, interpret and accept the emotions, develop self confidence, negative thoughts change, set realistic goals, learn to accept and respect oneself and not be compared with others. If you feel identified with these symptoms and think you need to increase your self-esteem and for that you need help or know someone who may be feeling well, do not hesitate to contact the professional team of Athena - Clinical Psychology so we can help .

Low self-esteem

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