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animal assisted therapy

What are Animal Assisted Interventions (IAA)?

Are interventions in which the animal is incorporated as part of the treatment, in order to make it a facilitated. The expert psychologist sets specific objectives according to the needs of each individual and takes the profit generated by the interaction with the animal, in our case the dog.

Who can benefit from this therapy?

there is no specific profile or characteristics that describe who will do well or not. The skilled practitioner assesses the suitability of the incorporation of the Animal Therapy at its meetings. The only requirement is not to feel a rejection of the animal in question, to the dog, and that the relationship with it will generate a profit. Even in cases of phobias, the user can show acceptance and feel the benefit of the interaction after the therapeutic process.

How do we work?

Under the previous assessment of professional, he joined the dog in therapy sessions. Thus, their presence and interaction created between Animal Therapy and User, the psychologist works those therapeutic aspects appropriate during the session. This creates a calmer climate, relaxed and open to the flow of emotions and makes it easier for the guy to show what it is.

Recent research shows that the presence of animals is associated with feelings of tranquility and relaxation as well as reducing heart rate or blood pressure. Therefore, joining any therapy does not replace but complements it.

Who would be?

Rocko and Kobe are our animals therapy, trained to provide the maximum benefit to people with whom they interact, and prepared to follow the instructions of experts and follow the therapeutic process of each individual.

they are empathetic animals, able to understand emotions and adapt to the particular needs of each; They are affectionate and know people enter to get the best of them

They have experience with children, giving them security, affection and warmth children.; with children and adolescents, serving external brake on aggressive emotions, helping self-control, develop sensitivity and listening; Adults, helping to understand and express emotions; and elderly, facilitating tasks executive (memory, attention and organization) and physical (fine and gross motor skills).

Please contact us to be informed of how we can help hand of our best mates!

animal assisted therapy

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