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What it is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a word that has no exact translation to the Castilian but can be understood as "awareness" or "mindfulness". It is the attentive presence to what is happening at the present time. & Nbsp;

Your goal is that we are focused on the present moment actively and trying not to judge what we feel or think at all times. Is accepting experiences as they pass as part of life, without avoiding them or trying to control them.

It seeks to live, here and now, rather than in the future or "what might have been". It is a way of being in the world without prejudice and means being in touch with our experience, even when it's not pleasant and accept it as it is. It is about learning how and when emotions occur and how our reactions come and go without trying to eliminate them, change them, judging whether they are good or bad or run away from them. & nbsp;

From this perspective we can answer our experiences a more realistic and objective manner. Only after becoming aware we are able to distinguish between what is happening in a situation at the time, and if it's something we have to act or do something about it, it is a false alarm or something that no I can do anything. When we accept our experiences as they are (albeit unpleasant), we begin to take away some of the power they have over us.

If you want more information and this technique for accepting the situations that present themselves in life, greater profit and enjoy nice things and know how to handle situations that cause us difficulty, do not hesitate, contact us so we can guide you. & nbsp;


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