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Addictions - Gambling

What is pathological gambling - gambling

The game becomes a problem when you feel the sense of loss of control over it. A person suffering from pathological gambling feels the need to play quantities becoming larger money, feels restless or irritable if you stop playing or try to leave the game halfway. The game can be an escape from other problems of life, can lead to deception or concealment of information to the family, partner or friends. All this creates problems to economic, employment and personal relationships level.

What is the treatment for pathological gambling?

The goal is abstinence from gambling and prevent relapses. Progressively, through psychological treatment, it is intended that the person learns to control his urge to play. It is therefore important to learn to identify risk situations that may encourage him to play, and implement other various activities to play and solve the problems which have led to play to forget and escape. < p> If you feel that the game has gone from your hand and feel no control over it, we can help. Contact us to be informed.

Addictions - Gambling

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