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What is encopresis & nbsp;

Encopresis, involves the evacuation of stool in unsuitable places, like underwear, places in the house, the street, the car ...

Types of encopresis

primary encopresis appears frequently in families poorly integrated into society with little control and discipline policies. These children are violent or impulsive. & Nbsp;

secondary encopresis occurs as a result of frustration; birth brother, mother away from the entrance at school ... & nbsp;

How do we work encopresis & nbsp;

The therapeutic approach is performed first in families where they are informed of the importance of schedules and rules to avoid such syndromes.

in secondary encopresis are facing children who had control and learning the sphincter very early. This point is very important to address the mother-child relationship and closer to the father, in the event that this is separate emotional level. & Nbsp;


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