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Posttraumatic stress

What is PTSD?

People suffering from PTSD have been exposed or have seen or heard some traumatic event in which their physical integrity or that of someone close were affected . or endangered

What are the symptoms a person with PTSD

After the traumatic event is experienced person?

  • Holiday Gift or intrusive, distressing and recurring nightmares.
  • psychological distress (negative thoughts and emotions, fear, anxiety, helplessness ...) to the exposure to situations, objects, ... to remind the traumatic event.
  • physical discomfort (palpitations, shortness of breath, chest tightness ...) to the exposure to situations, objects, ..., to remind the traumatic event.
  • situations, stimuli or feelings and thoughts that remind the traumatic event is persistently avoided.
  • Inability to recall an important aspect of the traumatic event.
  • Belief and expectation negative:.. "The world is very dangerous"
  • Decreased interest or participation in significant activities for the person
  • sense of detachment of others.
  • irritable behavior, reckless, hipervigilante.
  • exaggerated startle response.
  • concentration problems.
  • Alterations of the dream.

    what is the treatment for PTSD?

    treatment is gradually approaching the memories, feelings and situations related to the trauma that often avoided, to confront and reduce the negative symptoms that occur.

    If you have experienced a traumatic event and think it is costing you cope, please contact us so we can help to overcome this trance.

Posttraumatic stress

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