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Couple therapy

Stress, activities of daily life, responsibilities, / as children / as the / as friends / as, routine, monotony, laws ... are some of the factors affecting our partner.

What is a partner? In the society of the XXI century, the term partner is not only limited to a man and a woman who want to form a family, refers to a large number of combinations that can be summarized and reunify to "the union of several subjects with a objectives common "

as we mature and acquiring responsibilities, our motivations and objectives are adapting and adjusting to the new reality.

When a couple is not able to rethink and modify or adapt together these new needs, goals and / or motivations, we find a problem within the core of the couple.

Each pair must be treated separately and individually. Not all humans affect them the same behaviors and actions. All that is because of a conflict or frustration in at the least one of the subjects that make up the couple, it is a problem to consider. Among the sessions for couples therapy, face, speak, dissipating, channel, work ... all those points that have caused estrangement between the couple.

Poor communication, or lack thereof, it is one of the biggest problems in society today. We do not express our emotions, we prefer to hide our anger or frustration before tackling the problems that cause us that feeling. In couples therapy it is taught to use correct and fluid communication between the couple. the acquisition of works empathy, respect, patience, equality, fluency ... much needed to make and execute good communication.

Of course sex is also an important part in couples. Good sexual health may be affected by some & nbsp; sexual dysfunctions by lack of orgasm and even lack of sexual appetite. These issues may also be addressed in therapy by a professional.

Couple therapy

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