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Domestic violence

Domestic violence and / or domestic, is currently one of the most representative in our society, are a symptom of the lack of paternal / maternal function and the norm in society that surrounds the subject.

personal situations (anxiety, addictions, stress, work, unemployment ...) aggravate this situation. At present there is no "Other" to help us find a solution to the acts committed, or to lead us to repentance, society no longer marks this point.

The transmission of information parents / mothers to children / as and the social environment in which they develop exert an important source for the subjective construction male / female.

it is important to note that society still makes a significant difference between men and women, it can be seen that certain jobs, toys or clothing takes on a sexual connotation female or male.

most societies has, throughout its history, powerful men and women / as who have sought dominate and control the country, society, even the world.

a woman is considered, in some cultures, emotionally sensitive and easily suggestible than the male. Their hormonal changes throughout the life cycle have been exploited to justify their "inferiority" compared to men when making decisions, or occupy a position of power.

Domestic violence is a term that refers to violence within the realm of family life, by one / several member / s, against others.

within this term

  • Violence against women.
  • Violence against men.
  • child abuse.
  • Violence Filio-parental. < li> elder Abuse.

Domestic violence

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