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Depression - Psychiatry

Depression is an illness. Is a disease that has a very bad reputation, and often is frowned upon or misunderstood.

Sometimes we tend to confuse it with the feeling of discomfort or sadness at the problems of life. This is usually confusion to think that with a little effort and goodwill to solve it, but unfortunately that's not always enough.

What are the symptoms of depression?

1. low mood, intense sadness, feelings of emptiness, loss of hope

2. significant decrease in interest or pleasure in things or activities that we liked before.

3. Little or much appetite, significant weight changes.

4. Difficulty sleeping, or sleep much contrast, spending many hours in bed.

5. Being restless or slowed more than usual.

6. Feeling lack of energy, difficulty doing everyday tasks.

7. Feelings of worthlessness, not being capable of being useless.

8. Failures of attention or memory, difficulty making decisions.

9. Recurrent thoughts of death.

The duration, intensity and the degree of interference of these symptoms in our lives make up the diagnosis of depression.

Sometimes there that differentiate it from other mental illnesses as much as the body that can cause similar symptoms.

is there a cure depression?

work of the psychiatrist is to detect symptoms, making the diagnosis by ruling out other diseases & nbsp; and address the treatment possibilities.

Treatment includes psychological counseling and sometimes drug treatment is necessary. Because as we explained at the beginning, depression is a disease and as such, you may need medication. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Depression - Psychiatry

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