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Carla D'Angelis - Psychiatrist in Mallorca

Carla D'Angelis - Psychiatrist in Mallorca

Carla D'Angelis


Hi! My name is Carla D'Angelis, I'm a psychiatrist.

Before that, for 10 years I spent working in consultation pediatric primary care and emergency, until one day my life took a sudden downturn and decided to change course, I looked for a new specialty.

So I found the psychiatric , or she found me, still do not really know ... and I know that is my true calling . I trained at the Hospital of Manacor, in the hospital resident program during that period also did a master's degree in addictive behaviors and now continue doing specific training in different pathologies.

Since I completed my training work in consultation and in consultation clinical assessment in a mutual work.

My specialties

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