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Mar Esquitino - child psychologist in Mallorca

Mar Esquitino - child psychologist in Mallorca

Mar Esquitino


Hello, my name is Mar. am a licensed psychologist at the University of Barcelona, and with the approval of General Psicóloga home-based healthcare.

My career has always been directed towards the infantojuvenil area, specializing in neurodevelopmental disorders, behavioral and mood state.

While in college I learned from a cognitive-behavioral approach, I have conducted additional training allowing me to incorporate different perspectives and interventions according to the needs of each case, especially since the Brief Strategic and evolutionist.

For 5 years I worked in the ADHD Association Vallès, where I performed tasks of rehabilitation and therapy and diagnosis, family counseling and school, and coordination of a team of psychologists household.

I recently specialized as a technical expert in animal-assisted therapy and I have ventured for a change of location, betting on Mallorca to continue my career with the rest of the team at the Athena Clinic.

Come and visit us! Thank you very much for trusting us.

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