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Rocío Reyes - Pychologist in Mallorca

Rocío Reyes - Pychologist in Mallorca

Rocío Reyes


My name is Rocio Reyes and I am a licensed psychologist at the University of the Balearic Balears, having completed the itinerary of specialization in Clinical Psychology and Health.

When choosing I wanted to dedicate it was clear I had to practice a profession that allowed me to interact with more people and work with them. For me the race of Psychology was always the first choice From the beginning. In psychology and all possible areas where you can work as psychologist, it was clear that the scope of clinical psychology was what I wanted to dedicate me.

Therefore, during my studies I was already moving towards an area more clinical and my Race practices performed at the Hospital Joan March in Mallorca with the psychiatrist and psychologists of the Department of Psychiatry. Here I confirmed that the clinic It was the area where I wanted to develop my profession, so I considered appropriate acquire more knowledge and practice through the Master of General Psychology Health at the University of Barcelona. I did my internship with three wonderful psychologists and a psychiatrist at the Hospital Universitari Mutua Terrassa of Barcelona, which it was the all inspiring for me and because patients could address, my passion and enthusiasm for this profession did nothing but grow. This is where I really started professionally treating patients with monitoring aforementioned professionals. With the people who came in search of help, we address all kinds of problems, anxiety disorders, mood, eating disorder, social skills difficulties, violence gender and group therapy performed among others, beginning together new changes in their lifes, seeking the best resources and for them, as well as how to improve their quality of life.

Later, I worked for a few months in the Department of Children and Mallorquín family at the Institute of Social Affairs (IMAS) as a psychologist, evaluating the psycho-emotional state of children who come to the service on suspicion of abuse or neglect and collaborating with each team event in the valuation of measures and resources to be adopted for each family if necessary.

After this great experience, I decididí go to what really is my goal and decided to become part of the team of Athena Psychology Clinic, where hope to meet you and help you for all the necessary resources so that you can find here a unique space for you and your welfare.

We wait for you! Thank you very much for trusting us.


Professional experience:


There are a couple of sentences I usually tell my patients because I think a lot synthesized in a nutshell:

"From enjoys good and evil is learned."
"Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional."

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